First Aid at Concordia

First Aid at Concordia

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Welcome to Concordia’s First Aid Online Program. As educators we are often faced with medical situations in which we think what should I do? This course is designed to give you an overview of some of the more common medical situations you may encounter and how to deal with them. The goal is to make you feel more comfortable and confident in your decisions when faced with the unexpected. Each teacher must take the First Aid at Concordia online training course every year prior to working with students.

This is not a first aid certification course. This is not comprehensive but a starting point, which is required annually of staff that have direct contact with children.


Take a look at the modules below.  Each module contains an overview, set of assignments and a final quiz. If you make an error during a quiz, you will be required to answer the question again until you have 100% accuracy. By completing each section and taking the quiz, you commit that you have read and digested the material.

Due date

All modules must be completed before the divisional practice times scheduled for Teacher Orientation in August. Thank You.

Getting Started

To get rolling, start with the modules below. As you complete the quiz at the end of each topic, you can continue on to the next module.


  1. Athletic Injuries And Common Skin Afflictions
  2. Student Trips 
  3. Emergencies
  4. AED
  5. Temperature
  6. Acts of God and Environmental Hazards
  7. Neuro and Endocrine
  8. Pulmonary


Once you have completed the course, please answer this three-question survey.


Enroll in the First Aid at Concordia course (required one time to enable access to materials - Concordia employees and students only).

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