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Using Tech in Reading and Writing Workshop

The Reading and Writing program here at Concordia drives a significant portion of our curriculum. Technology needs to be a foundational toolbox that can grow and change with teaching and learning in all subject areas; especially reading and writing. Join instructor Annie Hall Paulson as she demonstrates the awesome tools Concordia has take your Reading and Writing instruction to the next level.

For example, take a quick glance at the Reading and Writing units we are to teach throughout the year. As a technology integrationist, I look at these topics (and the standards and benchmarks) and can easily craft MEANINGFUL ways to use technology across the grades and throughout the year. 

Take a journey with me and see how

you can look at your standards and benchmarks in such a way

that your ideas are broadened by what


2014-2015 Kindergarten Reading Units of Study

"Some like this unit better than others. Feels like a repeat - any good suggestions for how to spice it up?"

1. Give students opportunities to read many types of books that they can read in books, on iPads and on the computer (in Starfall and through Macinvia)

2. See the chart for 1 idea in each unit... use this example to apply to your own teaching. 

3. ***This course is under construction, please join us!














Launching Reading Workshop – We are Readers!

Emergent Storybook Reading

We Are Super Readers – Reading Superpowers

Reading for Information

Dynamic Duos

Read, Think, Talk, Write about Reading

Readers are Brave and Resourceful

Pretending and Performing our Books


setup class TWITTER account. Tell the WORLD about what makes YOU a great reader! Talk with experts! Maintain throughout year.

1st recording. Students use iPad camera, or apps LIKE Chatterpix, or Draw-and-Tell to demonstrate our emergent skills.

We published a book a few years ago with our students TEACHING the Reading superpowers.

Super Readers.png

Students can become superheroes in so many iPad apps and share that teaching with others.

Logging into the schools Databases through mackinvia to learn to read for information in age appropriate digital texts.

Partnerships in technology- brilliant!

recording partners in action and using the recording to teach how to be better.

Teach students to be the teacher.


 Give readers the opportunity to read books that they can hold in their hands, read on a iPad and on a computer screen. We have so many resources available to make this happen WELL.

Students who are brave can use the SUPERHERO COMIC App on the iPads to tell about the strategies they use to read better and what happens when they come to tricky parts.

There are MANY apps on the iPad as well as setting up a simple device with a stand so that students have an opportunity to demonstrate their ability to pretend and perform. Those awesome stories can be shared with friends and parents and of course should be tweeted in learning communities throughout the world. 


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